2018: Four BBB Releases – 2019: More Mashed Potatoes

It’s that time of year when bloggers muse upon what they’ve accomplished over the year — and then scratch their chins in regard to goals for the coming year. Who am I to depart from such a tradition?

2018 has indeed been productive for Brom Bones Books! I released four books:

  • The Lost Limericks of Edgar Allan Poe, a collection of my spooky and silly poetry.
  • Entranced by Eyes of Evil, an anthology of tales about evil spawned by hypnotism.
  • Help for the Haunted, my composite novel about a ghost hunting duo who lived in the first decade of the 1900s.  Well, fine, this was a “re-release” of a book that had been published by another imprint. But I re-did the cover and made some revisions inside.
  • Echoing Ghost Stories, an anthology of tales that reflect the long tradition of sharing ghost stories out loud, say, by a crackling fire.

Along with Spectral Edition, published the previous year, these books makes me feel pretty good about my new adventure in independent publishing.


I’m taking this new adventure so seriously that I’ve resigned from teaching. For about thirty years, I had been an instructor at colleges and universities from Boston to Milwaukee to the heart of Oklahoma. While I’m not really at retirement age yet, it felt right to “retire” from this career. What comes next? Well, we shall see. Unfortunately, one can’t really survive on the royalties of even five independently-published books.

I doubt that I’ll be able to release four additional books in 2019, even though I have ideas for more than that many. Instead, the coming year will be devoted to finishing Guilt Is a Ghost: A Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mystery. I outlined this novel several years ago, but to make sure that Vera is indeed a series character, I went ahead and wrote the thirteen interwoven cases that comprise Help for the Haunted. I discovered that, yes, Vera is a series character. So it’s time to go back and finish her novel-length investigation, and I’m already well beyond the halfway mark in that project.

I have two anthologies I hope to finish, too. The first charts the deep roots of occult detective mysteries and will be the third volume in the Phantom Traditions Library of “forgotten” fiction. The other anthology presents authentic documents and accounts of Victorian ghost hunts. Whether I’ll be able to complete the novel and the two anthologies remains to be seen.

Beyond that, I have only one resolution for 2019. More mashed potatoes please. It seems like an attainable goal. With this in mind, to all who have supported Brom Bones Books — or even stopped by this site simply to enjoy its “For Fun and Edification” offerings — I wish you a happy, healthy new year and another serving of mashed potatoes.

— Tim

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