New BBB Site Feature: Shall I Read You a Story?

I’ve added something new to the Brom Bones Books website. It’s a page that lets you listen to me reading select stories from the books available here, and it’s titled “Shall I Read You a Story?”

So far, the audio files come from the Brom Bones Books Youtube channel, which, of course, adds some mildly interesting video — or, perhaps, less than mildly interesting video — to my readings. (You’ll also find my video announcements of new books there along with the video diary of a “Poe-grimage” I took a few summers ago.)

ray gordon
This is me in costume as a 1940s actor for a (stage) production titled It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

So far, the recordings have been pretty straightforward — me hamming it up before a microphone — but there are a few little “studio surprises” here and there. I might get a bit more fancy as I continue to add more recordings. I’ve already chosen three stories from Entranced by Eyes of Evil that seem especially read-aloud-friendy. Selections from Help for the Haunted will follow.

In other words, this page will grow and grow in the weeks to come. If you’re a fan of audio books or of simply listening to a story as you exercise or fix dinner, please consider saying “Yes!” to the new “Shall I Read You a Story?” page.

— Tim

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