Guilt Is a Ghost Now on Kindle, New Audio Tales for Free, and a Cover Reveal!

After taking a year off to get Brom Bones Books up and running, I’ll be returning to campus this week to kick off the new semester. I’m returning as a part-time lecturer for the English Department, which should help pay the rent. Unfortunately, Brom Bones Books is most likely fated to be only a supplement to my income and a nice way to keep myself occupied once I reach retirement in about 10 years.

It occurred to me this week that I might have called this venture Beer Money Press.

With this in mind, I had a fairly busy week. The most recent Brom Bones Books offering, Guilt Is a Ghost: A Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mystery, is now available for Kindle. It’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited and $5.99 otherwise. Visit Amazon to take advantage of this. Regardless of the format, if you’ve read and enjoyed Guilt Is a Ghost, please leave a reader review. Reviews really help out an author, especially the positive ones!

I’ve also added a couple of free “audio tales” to my Shall I Read You a Story? page, including a very creepy one by Edgar Allan Poe. These new stories are taken from Entranced by Eyes of Evil: Tales of Mesmerism & Mystery, the first volume in the Phantom Traditions Library. There’s a third story from the same book coming very soon, a recording that just needs some editing. You’ll find plenty of other spooky stuff there — my readings of strange short stories along with actual ghost reports from newspapers! — and you’ll find links to an audio drama series I scripted several years ago.

Thumbnail website

In addition, I went public with a second forthcoming book. The first, Ghostly Clients & Demonic Culprits: The Roots of Occult Detective Fiction, was announced a while ago. The third Phantom Traditions Library volume, it will be released in mid-October, perfect for Halloween! I’ve now added The Victorian Ghost Hunter’s Casebook. It’s an anthology of authentic ghost-hunting chronicles written in a time when paranormal investigators carried a supply of candles, a good book, and a flask of brandy instead of an EVP recorder, an EMF meter, and a night-vision camera. That should be out in mid-December, perfect for the winter holidays!

There’s a lot happening here at BBB! Please stop by every now and again to wander around. Don’t mind the ghosts — after all, they don’t mind you.

— Tim

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