Giving Goodreads Another Go

A major component of running an independent press such as Brom Bones Books is marketing to potential readers via social media. Scroll down, and you’ll find links to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon.

Long ago, I signed up on Goodreads, too, but it was all just too much to juggle — I became very lazy there. Well, until recently. The first in my Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mysteries series, Help for the Haunted, has been chosen as the “December read” for a new Goodreads group called the Occult Detective Book Club. Selections for January and February are already chosen, too, and they look very intriguing. Fans of occult detective fiction might consider joining to connect with other fans and to learn about interesting, new books. And interesting, old books, too.

Goodreads Group
Click on this graphic to get to the Goodreads group.

With this news, I went back to Goodreads, cleaned up my book shelves, left some readings groups that had become inactive, joined new groups that discuss the kinds of stuff I publish, and generally renewed my presence there. You’re very welcome to follow my bright and shiny Goodreads Author page.

I think I’ll hang around longer this time, given the fact that Goodreads — like Facebook — lets me share information with groups made up of readers who might be interested in my books. Twitter, in contrast, seems to lack this method of targeting, depending instead on hashtags. While its users might garner a higher overall number of followers, I sometimes feel like Twitter puts me on a Times Square street corner, screaming to thousands of people with wide interests, each of them also screaming about their own things. But that’s probably just me. I know many writers prefer Twitter over Facebook and the others.

Nonetheless, now that I’m back at Goodreads, I hope to discuss some occult detective fiction there with other members of the Occult Detective Book Club!

— Tim

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