Tim’s Featured Reading for July; or, This Might Get Annoying, but I’m Bored

Here’s a thing! At the start of each month, I’m going to feature my reading of a story found in one of the volumes offered from Brom Bones Books. If you like audio books, you might like these audio short stories, too.

I must warn you. There is a sales pitch for the book at the end of every reading. But it’s at the end, so it’s easily avoided. (Some people doing similar readings put their pitch in the middle. It’s devious, and I’ll have no part of such chicanery!)

This month’s featured reading is “Tremewen Grange,” from the BBB anthology Echoing Ghost Stories. It’s a fairly conventional ghost story, but I really like it for some reason. The narrative frame of folks swapping ghost stories on a stormy evening? The Cornish coast? The freaky manifestation of the ghost? Very likely, the tale appeals to me for all of these reasons. You might like it, too, if you go in for old-fashioned ghost stories.

You can listen to it right here:

Or you can listen to it while watching a cozy fire at the BBB YouTube channel:

Or you can go to my Shall I Read You a Story? page, where you’ll find lots of audio that you can listen to and/or download.

— Tim

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