Movies in the Making; or, Why I’m Falling Behind on Books

I have some disappointing news for those two or three of you who have been eagerly awaiting the release of Imagining Life on the Moon During the Rise of the Telescope. I’ve postponed its release date from summer to autumn of this year. Of all the Phantom Traditions Library anthologies, this one has taken the most time in terms of settling on contents and researching the Introduction. Naturally, I hope it’s time well spent, since I want the final book to be the best I can make it.

But I’ve also let myself get distracted by a couple of movie projects. I do a bit of amateur acting — community theater and that — and I was given an opportunity to play an unsavory seventeenth-century doctor for a short film about a queen who discovers she has need for an unsavory doctor. My character doesn’t say a single word, but when you’ve got a face like this —

— perhaps not a lot needs to be said.

And I’ve started work on my own mini-movie, one I’ve written! It’s very different from the spooky, candlelit film about unsavory deeds. Mine is a comic mockumentary about a man who’s devoted 50 years to his community theater. Titled “Patrick Stanick Backstage,” it features four theater volunteers who video their memories of the title character. Alas, here’s the rub: Patrick Stanick was not at all a well-liked man. Each volunteer strikes a different balance between telling the truth and not speaking ill of the dead. Along the way, the audience learns a secret about Patrick, which — I hope — reveals that even people who are easy to dislike and dismiss have private stories that make them, if not noble, then at least human.

No doubt, you’ll be hearing more about “Patrick Stanick Backstage” in weeks to come. Assuming all goes according to plan, it will be posted on the Brom Bones Books YouTube channel in, oh, a month-and-a-half.

— Tim

P.S. Speaking of the Brom Bones Books YouTube channel, my reading of “Tremewen Grange” remains July’s featured reading there.

2 thoughts on “Movies in the Making; or, Why I’m Falling Behind on Books

  1. Tim,
    I just recently discovered you; the only thing I like more than the supernatural are books about the supernatural, so it was bound to happen. I’m thrilled to find a current writer of a growing collection of books concerning vintage ghost stories and related subjects. I love everything I’ve read so far; please excuse me while I go buy everything else you’ve written.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are excused.

      And even thanked!


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