A Mini-Screenplay Especially for Community Theaters with Nothing Better to Do


Opening 6What’s interesting here is the Marmosett Little Theatre doesn’t really exist. This photoshopped graphic is part of a mini-movie I’m trying to complete. Titled “Patrick Stanick Backstage,” the short film involves four of the Little Theatre’s volunteers videoing their recollections of a fifth volunteer, one who devoted 50 years to the playhouse.

Here’s the rub: he was not a well-liked man.

The screenplay is just twelve pages long, so you might think it would be a pretty easy film to produce. It’s just a cast of four, after all, with the actors videoing themselves at home (because — you know — pandemic and all). Unfortunately, I’ve hit a snag. Production will go forward. I just have to be patient. Film-making is a tricky business, I’m learning.

In the meantime, I’m offering the quarantine-friendly script to any other community theater that — like mine — is stuck in the middle of pandemic, not sure exactly how to keep its patrons entertained and its actors occupied.

Patrick Stanick Backstage FINAL DRAFT

I ask no compensation, but I wouldn’t mind getting credit as the screenwriter. This is even if you take liberties with the script, something I encourage. I also encourage folks to add a “Please donate to your local community theater!” plea at the end.

Oh, and I would certainly love to see the final result, too!

— Tim

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