Treat 6 – A Spectral Edition Video with Ghost Colleagues Nina Zumel and Patrick Keller

Howling Week Small 6

Be they lurking in fact, folklore, or fiction, ghosts have a curious appeal to many, many people. Two of my colleagues in the exploration of ghosts are Nina Zumel and Patrick Keller. I invited them to join me in reading authentic ghost reports from U.S. newspapers.

And they agreed!

Except for the newspaper reports, there was no “script” for this video. I might’ve gotten a bit goofy as I went along. Rest assured, the tale I tell about the stairwell in my apartment is true. But the thing outside my window? Well . . . it’s Halloween.

Here are links to Nina’s three blogs:

Multo (Ghost)
Dark Tales Sleuth
Ephemera: Experiments in Writing

Here’s the link to Patrick’s The Big Séance website, which features his podcast:

The Big Séance: My Paranormal World

Once again, my thanks to Nina and Patrick for lending a hand with this unusual video, the first video to be part of my ongoing Spectral Edition project. You can also find this on the Brom Bones Books YouTube channel along with several other spooky videos.

— Tim

Come back tomorrow for more of
A Howling Week of Halloween Treats!

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