BBB Website Spring Cleaning Continues into December

A couple of posts ago, I discussed how I was in the process of making all the pages on this website easier to read with left — not full — justification. This autumnal spring cleaning included a few other improvements on the pages linked to the Ghost Hunter Hall of Fame. Done!

Apparently, I enjoyed myself. I went on to tackle the Chronological Bibliography of Early Occult Detectives this last week. My list of chores was this:

✓ check, tweak, and add links to online copies of many of the works listed;
✓ add some illustrations of the detectives while enlarging the ones already there; and
✓ revise the linked pages where I discuss some of the detectives with greater depth, adding sub-titles to facilitate reading while also making those pages clearer and up-to-date. Add a few pictures here, too. Oh, and delete that one that really sucked.


I also renamed the Shall I Tell You a Story? page, which features my readings of works found in the volumes published by Brom Bones Books. The new name, I hope, is much more alluring: Tales Told When the Windows Rattle. It’s meant to recall the tradition of gathering by a fire during stormy or wintry weather and listening to ghost stories or other mysterious yarns.

Mr. Rangle's Ghost Story

My next challenge is to try to make the Brom Bones Books YouTube channel one that someone might actually want to visit. Right now, it’s not that — or, at least, the stats there suggest as much — and it is pretty disorganized. My plan is to enhance my Tales Told When the Windows Rattle readings with video “backdrops” of raw weather outside and cozy fires inside, give them their very own channel, and arrange them with episode and even season numbers. This is a fairly big project, though, so I’m penciling it in for 2021.

With Tales Told When the Windows Rattle getting its own channel, the current BBB YouTube channel will then provide the humble service of hosting the videos available here on the website. For instance, the dramatic reading of a 1914 ghost hunt found at the bottom of this page. Or the very first video episode of Spectral Edition found on this page. Or this brand-new edit of me being very silly while reading samples from The Lost Limericks of Edgar Allan Poe.

Not surprisingly, that can now be found on the page for the book. Should you be so inclined, the currently scattershot BBB YouTube channel is right here — but keep in mind that I’m planning to spiffy things up there, too, before too long.

— Tim

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