The Boys of Crocker Land Calendar Is Just a Mirage

I finished another page for my Charting Crocker Land project. It’s titled “To Plant a Flag on Crocker Land: The Quest for Verification.” The upshot? There is no land at Crocker Land. Whatever Peary claimed to have seen during his 1906 Arctic expedition was probably just a mirage. The next and final page will explore if indeed a mirage explains everything or if Peary was faking it all to impress George Crocker, the millionaire who contributed a lot of money to his expeditions and, yep, the man for whom Peary named Crocker Land.

In the process of working on this stuff, I put together seven “duo-portraits” of the key figures in the Crocker Land saga. Five more and I’ll have enough to release a calendar featuring “The Boys of Crocker Land.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Something tells me there’s not very much of a market for such a calendar, however, so please, please calm down!

You can visit this most recent page here, but if you haven’t been following my progress, it makes sense to start at Base Camp (which I redesigned for easier navagation and to which I’ve added a short Recommended Online Readings section).

— Tim

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