Take a Peek at the Tales Told when the windows rattle Rec Room

At great expense and effort, I built a rec room here at BromBonesBooks.com exclusively for my Tales Told when the windows rattle series. It’s a bit empty right now, but you’ll see the episode guide — with story summaries and post dates — along with the trailer for Season One.

TTwtwr is my contribution to reviving the centuries-old tradition of sharing chilling stories by a cozy fire during nasty weather. It features my readings of unnerving stories, each one selected from a volume published by Brom Bones Books. (Don’t worry — the sales pitch for the book doesn’t appear until the very end. It’s easily skipped.) If you are unable provide the cozy fire or the bad weather, the video will provide those for you. The series debuts on October 17 and runs for ten episodes. A new story will be posted each Sunday in the rec room and on YouTube.

BBB home page

I confess I don’t fully understand the benefits of subscribing to a YouTube channel, but if that appeals to you, my channel is located here. Of course, that will only give you the video version. In the rec room, you’ll have the video option, another for audio-only, and yet another to download the audio file (a good, ol’ .mp3) for offline listening.

Finally, I’ve been collecting interesting quotations and visual art pertaining to the old, old tradition of fireside storytelling, and you can meander through that gallery via the TTwtwr rec room, too. Look for the link to the Fireside Storytelling Descriptions & Depictions TARDIS page.

Remember: Tales Told when the windows rattle debuts on October 17!

— Tim

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