A Gentle Reminder: Tales Told when the windows rattle Debuts Sunday, October 17th

I’ve just put the finishing touches on the video that will launch Tales Told when the windows rattle, a YouTube series. The series will also be available in the Tales Told rec room here at BromBonesBooks.com. Even better, the rec room will also offer options to listen to — or to download — the audio by itself.

Here’s the trailer:

Sunday’s story will be Ambrose Bierce’s “A Stranger.” This is a nice way to begin, since it’s a story about a campfire story. You see, Tales Told invites folks to escape the harsh weather, sit down by a warm fire, and listen to a scary story. It’s my contribution to the revitalization of this centuries-old tradition. How old is it? Well, I’ve put together a sort of history charting it here.

Season One has a total of ten episodes, scheduled for Sundays from October 17 through December 19. I hope you can attend this Sunday’s debut! But if not, that’s fine. Once posted, the videos and audio will remain available.

— Tim

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