What’s the Plural of TARDIS?

TARDISes? TARDI? (No, it couldn’t possibly be “tardi” — it’s a time machine, after all.)

Anyway, I’ve often found myself traveling through time and space to create time lines/links to online historical documents. I recently decided to re-name them — uhm, to name each one a TARDIS: Trusted Archival Research Documents in Sequence.” For instance, my most recent one is really just a means for me to get a handle on London’s Cock Lane Ghost case of 1762. Two previous TAR — rats! For an earlier project, I created a TARDIS to chart the history of Crocker Land and other “mapped mirages” of the Arctic, meaning land that was reported but that turned out to not actually be there. For another earlier project, I look at how life on the Moon was imagined and debated until telescopes became strong enough to pretty much settle the issue.

A slightly enhanced 17th-century engraving depicting how Cyrano de Bergerac playfully imagined a craft used to get to the Moon.

No doubt, I’ll be creating more — OUCH! No doubt, there will be another TARDIS or two in my future. Until then, feel free to be my companion as we visit Cock Lane, the Arctic, and the Moon.

— Tim Lord

P.S. It only now occurs to me that not everyone will get the joke here. Ah well…

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