Tales Told 8: My, What Big Feet You Have!

This week’s episode of Tales Told When the Window Rattle features another Vera Van Slyke “ghostly” mystery. I put ghostly in quotation marks because, every now and again, Vera and Lida venture outside the traditionally ghostly realm. In this case, they join what we would now call a cryptozoologist on a hunt for what we would now call Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Back in 1908, the preferred term for the creature was something like “wild man in the woods.”

This 1846 issue of Scientific American shows that the editor was not above making a zippy zinger!

And as my favorite ghost-hunting duo learns, where there’s a wild man of the woods, there’s quite possibly a woman every bit as woodsy and wild!

The video version of my dramatic reading of “Monstrimony” is at the Tales Told YouTube channel. The video and audio-only versions are here at the Tales Told rec room.

— Tim

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