A Tale Told When the Moon Is Full: Season One of Tales Told Is Now Complete!

Episode 10 of Tales Told When the Windows Rattle — the last for Season One — is now available. It has a different feel from the earlier ghost and otherwise creepy stories. But it’s not that different. Imagine a couple on their honeymoon. They’re traveling through rural Cornwall or Maine, and for one reason or another, they end up in a haunted house. That premise has a familiar ring, right?

Now, swap out Cornwall or Maine with the Moon, and you have George Griffith’s “A Visit to the Moon,” a story first published in 1900. There’s no haunted house exactly, but there are several ancient cities littered with skeletal remains. Don’t misunderstand me, though. The newlyweds learn that the Moon isn’t entirely a dead satellite. . . .

“This fringe was composed of millions of white-bleached bones and skulls.”

As an added treat, this episode makes its YouTube debut on the same day as the final full Moon of 2021. Unplanned, yes — but still quite nice.

I’m already thinking about what to read for Season Two. In the meantime, I’ll add a few Tales Told extras. What shall I call these? At this point, Tales Told When I Feel Like It is in the lead. Too snarky? Or is the snark funny? We’ll see.

Until then, you’re now in a good position to pick and choose which of the ten stories you want to listen to, helping revive the old custom of sharing scary stories ’round a cozy fire during snowy and/or rainy and/or windy weather. Do that at the Tales Told YouTube channel — or here at the Tales Told rec room. Merry holidays!

— Tim

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