The World Is Now Prepared for the Project, the Details of Which the World Had Not Been Prepared!

Digging Deep into Haunted History

A few times, I blogged about my project — the details of which the world is not yet prepared! It was my goofy way of saying I wasn’t sure I could complete it. And I didn’t have a title for it.

But now I am sure and do have one. Certain Nocturnal Disturbances: Ghost Hunting Before the Victorians will be my first book-length history. It will include some cases that are probably at least a bit familiar to those who visit this site: the Drummer of Tedworth and the Cock Lane Ghost come immediately to mind. Hopefully, though, I’ll stir in fresh ideas and new details as I retell those tales, if only because I look at what they tell us about the long legacy of ghost hunting rather than of ghosts. Also, I bet I’ll introduce almost all my readers to some brand new old hauntings and the investigations of them.

Various projects have led me to explore this “deep history” of ghost hunting. They include the Ghost Hunter Hall of Fame, the Rise of the Term ‘Ghost Hunt’ TARDIS, and The Victorian Ghost Hunter’s Casebook. It’s been an interesting experience drawing from these to create a book that just might revise and expand current thinking about the topic. Certain Nocturnal Disturbances should be available around the middle of 2022, if not sooner.

More Tales (to Be) Told

I completed Season One of Tales Told When the Windows Rattle. Season Two probably won’t begin until next October, but there will be “extras” in the meantime. I’ve decided to call these Tales Told Whenever I Feel Like It, which gives you an idea of the scheduling.

Please notice the cat on the far left.

The first selection will be Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Cask of Amontillado,” a personal favorite and one that — like many of Poe’s tales — lends itself to an audio presentation. When will it be available?


Other Books and Best Wishes

Of course, there will be additional developments here at Brom Bones Books in the coming year. For instance, I’ll be polishing and reprinting a collection of occult detective fiction, one that I had edited for Coachwhip Books before BBB became a thing in 2017.

Look at that. I’m coming up on five years! I’ll have to think up some way to celebrate.

Until that happens, I wish you a peaceful and happy 2022. Stay strong, dream big, and appreciate the little things.

— Tim

1 thought on “The World Is Now Prepared for the Project, the Details of Which the World Had Not Been Prepared!

  1. Looking forward to Certain Nocturnal Disturbances! I hope we can preorder it soon!

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