My Newest TARDIS Page Is Bigger on the Fireside

In my efforts to make a useful and maybe even interesting place, I recently turned a page that had been called Descriptions and Depictions of Fireside Storytelling into the Fireside Storytelling Descriptions & Depictions TARDIS. In my universe, TARDIS is an acronym for Trusted Archival Research Documents in Sequence, and these timelines are designed for researchers seeking historical documents online. This makes five TARDIS pages here at BBB, each one waiting to spin you through time and space. Here are your destination choices:

The Cock Lane Ghost TARDIS
Crocker Land and Other Mapped Mirages of the Arctic TARDIS
Fireside Storytelling Descriptions & Depictions TARDIS
The Rise of the Term “Ghost Hunt” TARDIS
Telescopes versus the Moon People TARDIS 

In addition, the pages charting fireside storytelling and the roots of the term “ghost hunt” have recently gotten bigger. A 1711 passage by Joseph Addison and some lines from a 1744 poem by Mark Arkenside went up on the former, and to the latter, I added an 1804 newspaper report and an 1825 anecdote about a Ramsgate ghost hunt gone sideways. If anyone thought that the custom of sharing ghost stories near Christmas began with Charles Dickens — or that the term “ghost hunt” emerged during the Victorian period or afterward — I hope these two pages will surprise and delight you as much as I was when I had to boot those misconceptions out of my head.

History is cool.

— Tim

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