Not Everything Is Ghosts — I Also Write Little Plays and Stuff

I just submitted an original script to a local short-play festival, one that raises money for a variety of charities. While the festival has had to contend with and accommodate Covid, it hopes to return this year in a way that approximates what it once was. Writing scripts for them lets me exercise my writing muscles in an interesting and helpful way.

This got me thinking about my Writer’s Résumé over in the About section here. Toward the bottom, I list my “Performance” pieces, meaning my scripts that have been produced for audio, video, and stage. The audio and video works are available online (and I provide links thereto), but why include the stage performances? Folks can’t time travel to watch them, so why mention them? Well, because I had the honor of having them produced — that’s why…

My portrait for a curious website called Sad Playwright. Rest assured, the defacement depicted here is “theatrical.”

Still, what if I posted those scripts? Then, at least, folks could read the stories and imagine how they might be performed onstage. And what if this led to one being produced somewhere new? Well, wouldn’t that enhance my résumé?!

That’s what I did. I posted my short-play scripts down at the bottom of my Writer’s Résumé page. Enjoy, if you’re into that sort of thing.

— Tim

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