Sample Ghost Reports

From the “Haunted Houses with Backstories” chapter:

In Spectral Edition, this ghost report is accompanied by this footnote: “A flood of white settlers from the eastern states and Europe established homesteads in the Great Plains in the decades following the Civil War. On arrival, many relied on dug-outs for temporary shelter. The scarcity of trees for logs inspired these settlers to dig down into the soil or at an angle into a hill and then to secure a roof over the hole. In contrast, a sod house used ‘bricks’ of sod to build walls upward, though the two forms of construction were sometimes combined.”

1883-04-27 p1 Red Cloud Chief [Nebraska]

Red Cloud Chief (NE)
April 27, 1883

From the “Haunted Houses with Ghosts Unknown” chapter:

1885-03-25 p4 St. Paul Daily Globe [Minnesota]

St. Paul Daily Globe (MN)
March 25, 1885

From the “Haunted Buildings Other than Houses” chapter:

In Spectral Edition, this article is accompanied by this footnote: “On April 18, 1885, Kentucky’s Milan Exchange reported that a maid at St. Louis’s Southern Hotel smelled a horrible odor in the trunk of a guest who had registered as ‘Wallace H. Lennox Maxwell, M.D. London, England.’ The hotel porters carried the trunk, which dripped blood, from Room 144 to the street. Inside it, they discovered a body ‘in an advanced state of decomposition,’ later identified as that of C. Arthur Preller from Rochester, New York, who had also been staying at the hotel. There was also a paper in the trunk that read: ‘SO END ALL TRAITORS TO THE GREAT CAUSE.’ On June 12, 1886, the same journal reported that a jury had found Maxwell, who had several aliases, guilty of the crime.”

1889-01-25 p4 Evening Bulliten [Maysville, Kentucky]

Evening Bulletin (Maysville, KY)
Jan. 25, 1889

From the “Haunted Grounds and Waters” chapter:

1874-07-18 p4 Omaha Daily Bee [Nebraska]

Omaha Daily Bee (NE)
July 18, 1874

From the “Haunted Roads” chapter:

1897-04-17 p1 Banner-Democrat [Lake Providence, Louisianna]

Banner-Democrat (Lake Providence, LA)
April 17, 1897

From the “Haunted People” chapter:

1870-10-22 p2 Daily Phoenix [Columbia, South Carolina]

Daily Phoenix (Columbia, SC)
Oct. 22, 1870

From the “Natural Explanations” chapter:

1902-10-07 p11 The Inter-Mountain Farmer and Ranchman [Salt Lake City, Utah]

Inter-Mountain Farmer and Ranchman (Salt Lake City, UT)
Oct. 7, 1902

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