Audio Drama by Tim Prasil

Once upon a time, I fancied myself an audio drama playwright. Almost all of my scripts were produced and posted to the Web by the Decoder Ring Theatre, an award-winning troupe of actors from Ontario, Canada. Click on the titles to find their productions of my plays, which you can listen to online or download.

Marvellous Boxes

Marvellous Boxes is a six-episode anthology series featuring strange tales, sometimes science fiction, sometimes alternate history, sometimes mockumentary, and sometimes — something else. Think of it as The Twilight Zone for your ears.

“A Demon Once Removed” concerns a man with a pressing need to place blame and the miraculous device he uses to trace the roots of his problem — by bringing back the dead!

“Frozen Words Thawed” features sophisticated academics who snap and snarl at one another over the genuineness of a recording of Cro-Magnon men snapping and snarling at one another.

“Facing Cydonia” is about a team of scientists and the psychological stresses they suffer in an experimental simulation of what life would be like on Mars.

“Plotting for Perfection” explores how a photographer might improve — or destroy — his life with the guidance of messages sent back in time — from his future selves.

“Remembering the Martians” recounts those decades when the friendly Martians arrived on Earth and how hard they worked to not be quite so green.

“Aliens Are Like Mirages” speculates on what might happen if a single, widespread religious movement discovered the ability to exterminate those who refused to convert.


Earlier Audio Drama

“Thinking in Ternary” is sort of a pilot episode of Marvellous Boxes, since it involves the discovery and potential dangers of the very first successful artificial intelligence.

“The Crasher” is more supernatural than science fiction in that it involves a writer unable to resist the lure of the mysterious laughter coming from the cemetery next door.

“The Magic of the Movies” was the first script I got produced, and it’s a pastiche of what you might hear on a spooky old-time radio show like Lights Out or Inner Sanctum.

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