Tales Told When the Windows Rattle

Maybe it’s a blustery afternoon.
Perhaps there’s a snowstorm raging tonight.
Possibly you’re simply in the mood to listen to a ghost story. Or one about hypnotism gone horribly wrong. Or even one about a voyage to discover what form of life lingers on the Moon!
You’ve come to right place. This is where you’ll hear Tales Told When the Windows Rattle.

If you listen to these stories here, click on the cover above it to learn about the book from which it comes. You can also right-click on the title to download the .mp3 for offline listening.

EGS thumbnail with shadow(Thanks to Daniel Simion for the cracking fire heard on these three readings. That sound effect is available at SoundBible.com.)

“Tremewen Grange,” by M.A.

“A Stranger,” by Ambrose Bierce

“The Baron’s Room,” by Ivy Hooper

Help for the Haunted - BBB site front page

“Dark and Dirty Corners,” by Tim Prasil

“An Unanchored Man,” by Tim Prasil

“Monstrimony,” by Tim Prasil

EEE thumbnail w shadow

“The Facts of M. Valdemar’s Case,” by Edgar Allan Poe

“Curious Mesmeric Experiences in California,” Anonymous

“Selenitha,” by Arthur Lucas

From Stories of Other Worlds, by George Griffith

Spectral Edition - BBB site front page

Mollie McGruder’s Ghost

Daniel McLeod Still Plays His Violin

An Invitation to a Haunting

Room 144

Jean Mareschal Comes Back

The Sad Story of Lizzie Clark

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