Season One

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1.01 “A Stranger”

COMING: October 17, 2021
Ambrose Bierce presents a campfire story about four men who had no one left to tell their story.

1.02 “Dark and Dirty Corners”

COMING: October 24, 2021
“In most cases, a ghost haunts the living because something haunts the ghost.” — Vera Van Slyke

1.03 “The Facts of M. Valdemar’s Case”

COMING: October 31, 2021
No one really breaks the Laws of Nature, but Edgar Allan Poe presents a weird experiment that bends the Dictates of Death.

1.04 “Tremewen Grange”

COMING: November 7, 2021
A fireside story about a ghost who stopped for one last look.

1.05 “An Unanchored Man”

COMING: November 14, 2021
“The magnitude of the afterlife is very much a mystery — perhaps especially to those of us who investigate it!” — Lida Bergson

1.06 “Selenitha”

COMING: November 21, 2021
Upon showing off in front of friends, a man uncaps a power to dominate others that grows to dominate him.

1.07 “The Baron’s Room”

COMING: November 28, 2021
A fireside story about the evil lurking within a room — and reaching beyond those walls.

1.08 “Monstrimony”

COMING: December 5, 2021
“Come now, doesn’t the prospect of encountering the ghost of the missing link have a certain irresistible charm, Miss Van Slyke?” — Professor Geoffrey Wallace Livingstone Adams

1.09 “Curious Mesmeric Experiences in California”

COMING: December 12, 2021
Sure, it’s good to walk in someone else’s shoes. But what if that someone else is standing on the gallows?

1.10 From “A Visit to the Moon”

COMING: December 19, 2021
The Moon would make a lovely honeymoon destination, if not for all the scattered bones and that swamp monster.

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