Season Two


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Tales Told When the Windows Rattle resparks the centuries-old tradition of sharing scary stories by a crackling fire during nasty weather. The program features thrilling yet unsettling works by Algernon Blackwood, Charles Dickens, and other authors from the 1800s — along with a few much newer tales.

2.01 A Victorian Ghost Hunt

Coming October 21: For decades, Catherine Crowe’s The Night Side of Nature (1849) was a best-selling compendium of purportedly true ghost stories. In a later book, she recounts a ghost hunt that she conducted, offering a fascinating look at mid-1800s-style paranormal investigation.

2.02 “A Case of Eavesdropping”

Coming October 28: In this tale by Algernon Blackwood, Englishman Jim Shorthouse learns that some New Yorkers are not at all neighborly. In fact, at times, they can be downright cold.

2.03 “At Ravenholme Junction”

Coming November 4: On a miserable night, two men share a weird reminder of a railroad catastrophe and of the overworked signalman who cannot forget his role in it.

2.04 “The Ghost of Banquo’s Ghost”

Coming November 11: “He was not an easy man to get along with, but one had to admire his dedication. That sense of commitment is why I think he’s come back from grave!” — Chester Paddock, Theatre Director

2.05 “The Story of the Green House, Wallington”

Coming November 18.

2.06 Another Victorian Ghost Hunt

Coming November 25.

2.07 “Under the Sheer Legs”

Coming December 2.

2.08 “A Pot of Tulips”

Coming December 9.

2.09 “Houdini Slept Here”

Coming December 16.

2.10 “The Signal-Man”

Coming December 23.

Tales Told is also available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, Stitcher, and Anchor.

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