Tales Told Whenever I Feel Like It!

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YouTube thumbnail W.dBetween seasons of Tales Told When the Windows Rattle, I record additional readings and post them whenever I feel like it!

X.01 “A Cask of Amontillado”

The classic Edgar Allan Poe tale of wine, pride, and revenge.

Below is the audio-only version of “A Cask of Amontillado,” and you can click here to download it for offline listening.

X.02 “The Least Haunted House in Wales”

This is a new, whimsical adventure featuring William Hope Hodgson’s popular occult detective, Thomas Carnacki. Upon learning that a competing detective might be conjuring occult forces to do his dirty work, Carnacki travels to Carmarthen. There, he uncovers the secret behind weird, nocturnal — and largely inconsequential — occurrences at a candymaker’s cottage, a residence Carnacki dubs “The Least Haunted House in Wales.”

Below is the audio-only version of “The Least Haunted House in Wales,” and you can click here to download it for offline listening.

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