Two Brom Bones Books Titles Now Available on Kindle

Since the second novel in my Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mysteries series is approaching completion, I decided to release the first one, Help for the Haunted, in Kindle format. My devious plot is to snag a few more Vera fans who might then buy the next novel.

I also wanted to see — not if — but how much I’ve been hurting myself by avoiding the ebook market. With that in mind, I went ahead and designed a Kindle version of The Lost Limericks of Edgar Allan Poe, too. Early signs suggest thar’s gold in them thar smell-less books! Well, a few nuggets, perhaps. I suspect, then, that the Kindle version of Guilt Is a Ghost, the second in the VVSGM series, will arrive fairly close on the heels of the paperback version.

As I say, I have been avoiding ebooks. Foolishly so. I have nothing against them. In fact, those reader gizmos look fancy! I’m just a slow learner. And I must say there’s something quite cool about the day the proof copy of one’s book arrives, and one gets to feel both the breeze of flipping through the pages and the heft of the thing itself. In the case of The Lost Limericks, that heft is made up of about five years of tinkering with rhymes. In the case of Guilt Is a Ghost, that heft is made up of even more years because this is the story I first outlined (as a stage play) before wondering if Vera Van Slyke could be a successful series character. I then wrote Help for the Haunted, which is a composite novel of thirteen interwoven ghostly investigations. Sure enough, Vera could remain interesting through several adventures! That’s why I’ve now gone back to write the original, complex mystery as a novel. I’ll want to feel that history in my hands.

If you are a Kindle devotee or know of one who has a birthday coming up, please consider either Help for the Haunted: A Decade of Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mysteries or The Lost Limericks of Edgar Allan Poe.


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