Railroad Hauntings You Can Still Visit: Big Bull Tunnel in Virginia

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What’s Scarier than a Haunted Stretch of Train Tracks?

I think we can all agree that the correct answer is a haunted stretch of train tracks going trough a tunnel. And there’s just such a tunnel in Wise County, which is in western Virginia. It’s called the Big Bull Tunnel.

The tunnel has been said to be haunted for over a century. Here’s an article from the August 6, 1905, issue of the Birmingham Age-Herald:Big Bull Tunnel

The “ghostly demonstrations” seem to be primarily heard. Of course, the shifting and settling of any tunnel can produce eerie, echoing creaks and squeaks, some of them sounding almost human. But when a tunnel replies in articulate English, you know there’s something worth exploring. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any follow-up reports regarding the proposed investigation noted at the end of the article.

The Tunnel Remains. Haunted.

Now, here are a few websites that show 1) the Big Bull Tunnel is still there and 2) some say it’s still haunted:

In her very well-researched article at Appalachian Gothic, Laura Wright says: “Today, the tunnel is still used and still suspected of being haunted. Hikers visit the structure, but should be warned the tunnel is on private property and trains still pass through.”

A site called Anomalien says: “Today Big Bull Tunnel is just as haunted as it ever was – the sounds are still heard by anybody that goes near and train crews hold their breath as they pass through.” Hmmm. Heard by anybody?

Even if you don’t hear anything there, Beth at Only In Your State suggests the spot is a tantalizing one: “Whether or not you believe in the ghostly echoes of trapped engineers, it’s hard to deny that this site is amazing.” Titled “What Lies Beneath the Streets of This Virginia City Is Creepy Yet Amazing,” the post comes with some very nice photos.

Please leave a comment if you have visited — or plan to visit — or have tried to visit — Big Bull Tunnel! I’d love to hear about your experience. That said, Wright’s advice to be very careful is certainly well worth heeding.

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2 thoughts on “Railroad Hauntings You Can Still Visit: Big Bull Tunnel in Virginia

  1. I own land adjacent to Big Bull Tunnel. I did not know it was supposedly haunted until after I bought the land. I’d be interested in your experience visiting the tunnel if you’ve been there.


    1. No, I’ve never been there. How about YOU? Anything to report?


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