From Eerie Cases to Early Graves: 5 Short-Lived Occult Detective Series

Coming in Autumn, 2022

EC2EG Front Cover for BBB pageOccult detective characters specialize in investigations that confirm the reality of ghosts, demons, vampires, and similar beings. Some of these sleuths rely on their own paranormal powers to fight crime or evil. As this genre developed, a few great authors created characters who appear in more than one story — but not enough stories to fill a book. Among the very best of these short-lived series occult detectives are:

Fitz-James O’Brien’s Harry Escott
Arthur Machen’s Dyson
Algernon Blackwood’s Jim Shorthouse
L.T. Meade and Robert Eustace’s Diana Marburg
Allen Upward’s Jack Hargreaves and Alwyne Sargent

From Eerie Cases to Early Graves: 5 Short-Lived Occult Detectives Series presents these eminent occult detectives in a total of seventeen otherworldly adventures! Editor Tim Prasil includes a well-researched introduction, enlightening footnotes throughout, and an 1893 non-fiction article about how to banish ghosts!

Explore the Surprising History
of Occult Detective Fiction

Follow the rise and evolution fictional supernatural sleuths prior to 1925 with the Chronological Bibliography of Early Occult Detectives. At first, many of the characters appeared in only single works, be it in one novel or one short story. With time, though, series characters appearing in multiple episodes made their mark.

Occult detectives from the 1800s.
Occult detectives from the early 1900s.

Go Deeper into the Roots
of Occult Detective Fiction

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If this kind of fiction interests you, consider purchasing Ghostly Clients & Demonic Culprits: The Roots of Occult Detective Fiction. It serves as a nice companion volume to From Eerie Cases to Early Graves. Learn the details here.

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PTL Spine LogoFrom Eerie Cases to Early Graves will be the sixth volume in the Phantom Traditions Library, a series of anthologies featuring unusual and forgotten genres of fiction that flourished in the 1800s.

The other volumes are:

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