Certain Nocturnal Disturbances: Ghost Hunting Before the Victorians

Coming in Summer, 2022

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Paranormal investigators of the Victorian era (1837-1901) certainly refined and advanced ghost hunting. But they didn’t invent it. Night-long stakeouts, investigation teams, struggles with skeptics — even the term “ghost hunter” — all appeared before the Victorians.

In Certain Nocturnal Disturbances, historian Tim Prasil narrates and analyzes famous and forgotten cases from the deep roots of ghost hunting. He shares insights into spectral manifestations of centuries ago while making surprising connections to paranormal investigation today.

How Old Is the Term “Ghost Hunt”?

The hyphenated adjective “ghost-hunting” appears in a 1794 novel.

Learn more about early uses of “ghost hunt,” “ghost hunting,” and “ghost hunter(s)” in novels, newspaper and magazine articles, plays, and more at the Rise of the Term “Ghost Hunt” TARDIS page.

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